Mylar Packed White Rice, 16 Months Later

A while ago I posted an article on Food Storage in Buckets with Mylar Bags, and since I ended up opening one for the first time the other night I figured I should share the results.
A little background first though; while I keep long term food storage in Mylar bags stored in five gallon buckets, we also keep a number of buckets with gamma lids in our pantry for daily usage. Recently, we managed to burn through 25 pounds of white rice and my lovely wife asked me to get some more from longer term storage. I’m not going to lie about it, I was a little excited at the prospect of seeing how my long term food storage is doing. So, I wandered out to find the bucket of white rice and snagged the one on top.

This is not my handwriting, but rather the work of a twelve year old girl. =)

This is not my handwriting, but rather the work of a twelve year old girl. =)

First, I was very happy to see that the bag appeared to have kept it’s seal. While I didn’t vacuum pack these, we did suck most of the air out through a straw before sealing.

After opening it, I was also happy to see that my oxygen absorber was right where I left it, and the rice both looked and smelled exactly like rice should.

My only disappointment of the evening: Five pounds of rice looks pitifully small in the bottom of a six gallon bucket, to the point that my wife thought I didn’t fill it up at all.

Finally, inspecting the rice told me nothing was wrong with it at all, which gives me hope for the rest of my long term stored goods. The white powder is food grade diatomaceous earth that I put in there as it supposedly keeps insects away. I’m pleased with the results and am keen on packing up another couple hundred pounds of rice, beans, lentils, wheat, and barley over the coming year.

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